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Carlisle Responds with Alarm Protocols During COVID-19 Outbreak
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Submitted by Fire Chief Rick Deputy
We wanted to provide the public a understanding of how we will respond and operate during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.  Below is some ideas of what you may see of us while we operate on a emergency scene:
Medical Assist
• On any Medical Assist with a respiratory problem, CPR’s or a patient with Flu like symptoms a  PPE Kits to be worn by any member entering an area with 6 feet of the patient this will further be consider the “Hot Zone”.  
• Attempt to use a barrier device like a non-rebreather mask on the patient whenever possible.
• On any type of Medical Assist unless deemed otherwise by the OIC, Only A (1) EMT or EMR certified firefighter and an Officer will enter the residence.  Wearing the PPE Kit provided.  The remaining members will remain outside in a safe area that limits exposure to the patient. 
• If arriving on scene of a confirmed COVID-19 Patient, all crew members will exercise extreme caution when operating around patient.  Prior to leaving scene they will be sure to proper decontamination is consider of equipment and personal that operated in the “Hot Zone”. 
Automatic Fire Alarms and Structure Fires
• In an effort to limit the amount of members possibly exposed to a person suffering from flu like symptoms, from this point forward we will be limiting the number of personal who enter structures during fire alarm activation, only the officer/senior SCBA FF and one other SCBA FF will enter the structure and investigate the alarm.  The remainder of the crews will remain at the apparatus for further instruction.
• Should we arrive on a scene of any structure fire and a subject has or shows symptoms of the COVID-19 virus the same as above however any member who goes inside structure will be using SCBA.  
• If following the above guideline, once they come out of the structure before reentering the apparatus their PPE and SCBA will go through gross decontamination. With further decon once back at the station.
Motor Vehicle Accidents: will be handled case by case, and will rely on information first obtained by EMTs on scene.
One thing we will ask when we arrive on a scene is if anyone is feeling ill in the household.  This is being done for our own safety of our members. 
Again should you or a family member feels like they may be suffering or have questions about the COVID-19 virus  please contact 1-866-408-1899 which is the Delaware Divison of Public Health Call Center. You should also contact this number if you have returned to the country with a level 2 or higher travel alert in the last 14 days. 
We also ask if that if you contact 911 and you have flu like symptom's to let the 911 center that information. That way they can provide us that information to prepare ourselves.
This is what we will be sending out to the members and general public. If you could relay this to the EMS crews working.  All medical runs we will stay in the truck until needed as well.

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