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Carlisle Administration and Fire Line Officers 2020
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Elected Admin Officers:


Appointed Fire Line Officers:


President: Marvin Sharp


Deputy Chief: Ryan Knowles


Vice President: Chuck Coverdale


1st Assistant Chief: Charles Vanaman


Fire Chief: Rick Deputy


2nd Assistant Chief: John Eisenbrey


Treasurer: Steve Ellingsworth


3rd Assistant Chief: Shawn Hinton


Secretary: Shawn Hinton


4th Assistant Chief: Dallas McKenzie


Chief Engineer: Duane Fox


Fire Captain: Stephen Fox


Fire Recorder: Lester Guyer


Fire Captain: Bryan Muise


Ambulance Captain: Vada Sample


Building Superintendent: Ryan Knowles


Appointed Fire Police


Director 1: Wayne B. Whitney


42-30: Francis Morris


Director 2: Cameron Griffith


42-31: Lester Guyer


Director 3: Kevin Donovan


42-32: Robert Vangorder


42-33: Alex Ingram




42-34: Russell Johnson


42-35: Glenn Gillespie





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